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ELGi has through the decades maintained a technological edge in the air compressor market with incremental and breakthrough innovation, through incorporation of latest technologies in its products. ELGi provides an ideal environment for innovation with exceptional freedom and constant motivation to get the best out of each employee. Innovation is a part of the organizational culture at ELGi. Innovative practices at ELGi go much beyond our products. Innovation is in the work culture we promote, the solutions we tailor for industries around the world and the services we offer our customers. ELGi is known in the industry for providing custom-engineered solutions to meet our clients’ needs. The company collaborates with clients to understand their changing needs and designs solutions accordingly. Long-term partnering has been our key differentiating factor. ELGi belongs to the league of the top five global air compressor players that possess the technological capability to design and manufacture oil-free screw air compressors. Our technology is focused not just on the compressor packages but as much on the airends, that form the heart of compressors.

Elgi Piston Compressor
Piston Compressors
Elgi Oil free Compressor
Oil-free Compressor
Elgi Electric Lubricated Screw Compressors
Electric Lubricated Compressors
Elgi Portable Compressor
Portable Compressor
Elgi Air Accesories
Elgi Air Accesories

Elgi Compressors guarantees steady uptime for your key processes. Built for intensive activities and diverse use, Elgi Compressors represent an investment in quality. Over 2 million users across more than 70 countries attests to the superior quality of the brand.
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