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Fund Benefits

Benefits of the Fund

Who Can Benefit/Target Audience:

The Fund is designed for investors who seek low risk, liquid investment, offering competitive market returns. The Fund is particularly suitable for Institutions, Corporates, Mass Affluent, Existing Shareholders who seek:

How To Subscribe To The Fund

Fill out the required subscription forms and documentation. This may include a subscription agreement and a know-your-customer (KYC) form.

Use the KYC link below to fill all required information and pledge amount.
R.T. Briscoe Savings & Investment Fund Subscription

Specify Investment Amount and Terms:

Indicate the amount you wish to invest and any specific terms, such as the frequency of contributions (for ongoing investments) or any additional instructions.

Provide Funding:

Transfer the fund into your investment account. This can often be done through a bank transfer or other accepted methods, depending on the platform.

Review and Confirm:

Review your subscription details, including the fund name, investment amount, and terms. Confirm that all information is accurate before finalizing the subscription.

Receive Confirmation:

Once your subscription is processed, you will receive confirmation from the investment platform or fund manager. This confirmation typically includes details of your investment followed with an investment certificate for total Units subscribed.