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Investments FAQs

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Investment FAQs

What is a Money Market Fund?

A money market fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in short-term, low-risk securities, such as Treasury bills, commercial paper, and certificates of deposit.

What is the Purpose of this Fund?

The primary purpose is to provide investors with a relatively safe place to invest cash equivalents while earning a modest return and ultimately become equity shareholders with R.T Briscoe.

What makes R.T. Briscoe fund different?

Asides yield on savings investments; Unit holders have opportunity to convert their asserts into equity ownership with R.T. Briscoefund.

What is the current price of R.T Briscoe Equities/shares?

Money market fund are suitable for short-term investment horizons, often used for parking cash temporarily.

What is the anticipated shares value in the short and long term?


How Are Returns Generated on this Fund?

Returns come from the interest earned on the underlying short-term securities in thefund's portfolio.

Can I Lose Money in this Fund?

While money market fund aim to preserve capital, there is a slight risk of losses, especially due to changes in interest rates or credit events.

When would the option be available to convert my units to shares subscription holdings?

This will be communicated to all units’ subscribers at designated timeapproved.

Is the R.T. Briscoe Fund Regulated?

Yes, money market fund are subject to regulatory guidelines by SEC Regulations often dictate the types of securities the fund can invest in and set restrictions on maturity and credit quality.

Can I Make Regular Contributions to this Fund?

Some money market fund allow regular contributions, but others may have specific minimum investment requirements.

What Fees Are Associated with Money Market Fund?

Money market fund may have fees such as management fees. These fees are typically lower compared to other types of fund.

How Often Are Dividends Paid in this Fund?

Dividends are typically paid every 6 months as outlined in the Trust Deed and can be automatically reinvested distributed or converted to equity at due date.